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Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations has inspired thousands of organizations around the world to reinvent themselves. Even before the book was published, many have been on the journey of reinvention to align themselves with a deeply held sense of purpose and values.

Among those for whom the Teal spirit has guided work and practice, there is a sense that merely describing Teal organizing as a destination is not enough. We see the need to come together in a practical way, to source wisdom from deep within ourselves, and our pioneering community.

Together with other next-stage practitioners and innovators, you will bend the beam of your observation into the practical dimensions of your personal leadership: from the interior work of embodying Self and self-lead culture, to the exterior work of structure and process within the three Teal breakthroughs.

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The essence of the Next Stage World retreat is the combination of each practitioner team/individual’s burning questions with the creativity, wisdom, and intelligence of the whole. Rather than a conference of presentations, we bring our real, live, “up-to-the-minute” questions into the fore, then work them with the processes of deep inquiry and sense-making.

It amazes us how far these explorations can take us. What is it that makes this gathering unique and powerful? We think it has something to do with the concentration of real-world practice, next-stage embodiment, and focused time together.

We also think it has something to do with the retreat nature of the gathering, supported by the unique spirit of the Greek island of Rhodes. It’s so important, when learning a new way of being in the world, cultivating new practices, different ways of seeing and operating, to do so in a container that provides separation from our old habits and patterns. The island offers this, in a way that allows our essential humanness to emerge in surprising and colorful ways.

Here are some of the areas of inquiry and practice we’ve explored together:

  • Talent building and the development of a self-management culture
  • Constructing next-stage tools and solutions
  • Engaging the whole system engagement using self-managing meeting designs: Open Space, WorldCafé, Circle
  • Upgrading the advice process with Action Learning
  • Exploring natural farming principles as a metaphor for Teal leadership
  • Using mind and body sensations to test and explore open, complex issues (see pre-workshop with systemic representations)
  • Mentoring meeting practices using the Art of Hosting
  • Develop and build your TEAL mentoring practices (see especially the post-gathering workshop on this)
  • Working with different levels of consciousness in the same organisation or team. 
  • Developing a next-stage working structure
  • Experiencing first hand what it means to become more whole in practicing embodied attention.


Who’s in the room? What is calling us to be here at this time? We develop our questions, find resources from and with each other, and develop first viable solutions to our burning organizational issues.


A step back. Letting go. Retreat to another place, like Lindos or the Old Town, or a natural garden work; this time is meant to relax and let our questions work inside of us in a deliberately different way, as we deepen in relationship and experience life and culture of the island. Letting come new insights.


Now we work again with our questions using various modalities and practices. What new questions have emerged? What insights and patterns are we discovering? How has what our colleagues brought to the group changed how we view our own work and service? We culminate with harvest and commitment to action.


Before and after the Gathering, you can dive deep into specific next-stage practices:

  • On Saturday 22 April and Sunday 23 April, you can practice Systemic representations with organizations. Sense the power and connections of organizational settings directly in the field of your body.
  • Beginning with a brief session in the evening of the Gathering’s closure and continuing over Saturday 29 April, unfold your TEAL mentorship qualities. What unique skills and capacities are needed to serve systems in their Teal transition?

These sessions are complementing the Gathering. You can register for each of them directly with your registration for the Gathering. If you attend both a pre- and a post-gathering workshop, you can do this with a discounted fee.

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Lindos Acropolis
Retreat at Lindos Acropolis

VENUE in april 2017

We have booked the Thomas Hotel in Monolithos specifically for the gathering. When making your booking arrangements, please let them know that you’re joining for Next Stage World.

Maria Bakari, native to the island of Ρόδος (Rhodes), says of the Thomas Hotel in Μονόλιθος (Monolithos) village:

“This “Philoxenia” (Φιλοξενία), hospitality hub is for me a great Teal example. The “building itself” may not reflect it completely, but the heart, passion and generosity of the young owner-renter Giorgos and his team are astonishingly inspiring. It’s truly a mirror of the very core value of the Greek psyche: hospitality. As soon as we got there I realized the amazing power of the hosting field being already present and working there with us.

37Μονόλιθος (Monolithos) is a village in the southeastern-central part of Rhodes, with connection to local farms as well as the “untouched” beauties of the island… A pure beach 10-15 minutes (by car) away, a medieval fortress with a magnificent sunsetting view.

By choosing this venue we are integrating Next_Stage World with this community. Our meeting space will also be at the building of the elementary school (there is no school anymore, children move to nearby bigger villages, there are only 300 residents in the community). Nature is unique, and Giorgos is so passionate about creating spaces of real holiday in contact with these treasures, and also about transforming his village and the whole area. He and his team are definitely part of the gathering, and so would be the village itself.

An ancient city, Demos Kimissalas, a very significant archaeological breakthrough, was recently excavated close by.”

See more of Monolithos:

The Venue in Monolithos – Rhodes, Greece – Part I


Enlivening Edge | pro action learning | Synergy

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The hosts of this gathering have met through their engagement in leading, advising or creating new, life-affirming forms of organizations. Most of us contribute to the online Enlivening Edge Magazine, and we are all practitioners of enlivening organizations. Clicking on our name or picture, you can find outmore about us.

Alia AuramiChris Clark, George Pór, Jürgen Große-Puppendahl, Maria Bakari, Rainer v. Leoprechting


Since the gathering will be driven by YOUR burning questions and projects, why not start sharing and exchanging what those might be? Even if you don’t end up attending in person, sourcing questions from the field will enrich the gathering before, during, and after. What would you like to co-explore with the collective intelligence of this international group of re-inventors? We can start building the field now in our Facebook Group. Register to the Next-Stage Updates to receive learn about the dates for our online gatherings, updates and news by email.


Our first gathering was held on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes, 19-23 September 2016. It was an inspiring journey among colleagues of various countries and organizations, among them Germany, Austria, Greece, Japan, Czech Republic, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, and more. We practiced leadership for TEAL and self-management and at the same time got some of our burning work questions solved. Connections have sparked, and new opportunities created from within this circle of practice.

The places for 24-28 April 2017 are complete. We have new teams joining from Australia, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Brazil, UK, and Japan as well as those coming back from Czech Republic, the US, Germany, Greece, Austria and Japan.





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Organizations in Systemic Representations

  An interactive workshop on organizational questions and design with systemic representations Saturday 22 April 15:00-18:30 Sunday 23 April 09:30-12:30 and 15:00-18:30 Sensing into our questions for organization, like: How do we best align …