Organizations in Systemic Representations



An interactive workshop on organizational questions and design with systemic representations

Saturday 22 April 15:00-18:30

Sunday 23 April 09:30-12:30 and 15:00-18:30

Sensing into our questions for organization, like: How do we best align activities across many roles and functions? What is the path to the next stage of our organization? How do we translate the founders’ impulse into the actions of today?

The workshop makes use of your intuition and the collective intuition in your roles as a partner, worker or consultant in organizations. Thanks to the systemic representations arrangement and process, you will be free to experiment with your intuitions in organizational situations proposed by you or other participants.


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Meet at the Gathering venue a few days earlier and practice your intuition.

We will explore recurrent principles in organizations and work issues, how they drive company decisions and how you can make them visible. You will discover and use a practical process to recognize and include your intuitive sensing in decision-making.

Our focus is the inquiry into (w)health in organizations and meaningful work. The insights can be about a personal job question, the organizing of projects, developing services or products, organizational structuring, outreach to critical stakeholders or investors, and more. We explore the issues as you bring them to the workshop. Your participation will be highly interactive and practical. We invite you each time to use your full senses and train your intuition. In all ways, your own options get informed and your choices illuminated.

Over the three half-days, you can take part at the times that fit you best. You can come for a full day, half day or the full seminar.

Workshop fees: 250€ for the whole workshop, one day 190€, half day 100€. If you present a case, a further 50€ are requested.
If you attend both this pre- and post gathering workshops, the total fee is only 375 € instead of 450 € for both separately.

The workshop is lead by Rainer v. Leoprechting, Lena Jacobsson and Jürgen Große-Puppendahl.

Rainer started practicing constellation work even before he did the training with Johannes Schmidt in 2004. and he has never stopped. He uses it in all areas of life and in his work as a consultant, often in very complex systems where no one sees the solution right away. He is brilliant at using questions and in supporting others to find the question that moves them. In the constellation community, he brings in his own life experience, his studies in economics and history, and his work as a developmental coach based on the vast knowledge of Otto Laske on how adults mature throughout life.
Rainer has coached constellation practitioners over many years. Together with the constellation community that he co-founded, he developed a fresh way of letting the systems speak for themselves through what people sense in their bodies.

1398885863Jürgen has participated as representative in family and systemic constellations at regular intervals since 2000. In 2012 / 2013 he became a Systemic Constellation facilitator educated at pro-action learning in Brussels.

His practical experience of more than 100 representations, in concert with his embodied presence, attention and body-mind-transparency, helps in organizational contexts such as exploring the next profound steps towards “Teal”.

Lena Jacobsson is a keen practitioner of systemic constellation work. She studied Organisational Psychology with a focus on complexity at Vesalius College in Brussels. In parallel she trained with Johannes Schmidt to become a facilitator of constellations. She further learned and practiced constellation work with Albrecht Mahr and Bert Hellinger. In addition she did a year of inner process consultation – how to deal with trauma in systems. This together with many courses around personal and organisational development have formed her holistic practice. She trains and guides constellations in groups for many years together with Rainer in the constellation community.

Register for 24-28 April 2017               Sign in for The Next-Stage Updates

Register for this pre-workshop together with the gathering.

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