The Venue in Monolithos – Rhodes, Greece – Part I

Monolithos | Rhodes | Greece

The venue is taking place at Thomas Hotel in Monolithos by taking the ecosystems of the village and natural beauty of the farming and gardening area into the flow of our gathering.
“Monolithos is a picturesque and historical village located in the southwestern coast of the Dodecanese island of Rhodes, Greece, guarded by the famous Monolithos Castle.

The village is unique, being the only place in Rhodes where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of a beautiful landscape which combines mountains, hills and beaches, with historic monasteries scattered through pine forests and a historical castle fortress. The village name Monolithos refers to the huge isolated rock (mono = one, lithos = rock) behind the village and on which the Castle is built. The Castle is an easy walk from the Hotel and has been watching over the Southern Aegean waters since the 15th century A.D.

The village of Monolithos, with its charming white washed houses
sits below the imposi10341630_10152435251038959_5349205975427578816_n-300x300ng mountain called Akramitis. The Hotel views include the surrounding mountains,forests and beaches. The village tavernas and restaurants serve delicious traditional food. There are roads and tracks to drive, cycle or walk.

Hiking paths to forests, mountains and beaches are let nature lovers and health enthusiasts enjoy the fresh mountain air and abundant wild plants and animals. Nearby, visitors will discover the peaceful bay of Alyki, and further on, Fourni Beach, with crystal clear waters, sand, pebbles and shady trees. At Fournoi Beach you will find a canteen providing light meals and refreshments.

The village is easily accessible by car, located 75 km from the city of Rhodes and 60 km from Diagoras International Airport. Parking for all types of vehicles is available on site.”
[ Source: Thomas Hotel]

(Text and images by Thomas Hotel)

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