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Come with your team
Come as Individual Influencer or Change Agent
Conditions for consultants
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Come with your team

You bring your situation and questions to the Gathering, and will leave with inspiration and concrete next feasible steps to undertake.

A minimum number of persons for a “team” is you and one other person. Indicate the names for the team and enroll all in one registration for October.
Your financial contribution for the whole team to the gathering decreases with the number in the team.
Note there are early bird rates for the October 2017 gathering open until 15 June 2017.

2 participants: 3.000 € – early: 2.400 €.
3 participants: 4.000 € – early: 3.300 €.
4 participants: 4.800 € – early: 4.000 €.
5 and more: add 750 € for each participant beyond the initial 4.

Individual Influencer or Change Agent

You are the founder, or owner and/or influential member in a company or organization. You want to give (new) life to it. You have learned about self-organization or TEAL and you see great potential for implementing some of this in your own fields. You might seek for help in making this real before such an endeavor creates too much fuss and possibly damage in your organization. You bring your situation and questions to the Gathering, and will leave with inspiration and concrete next feasible steps to undertake.

Your financial contribution per person is 1.800 € (early bird: 1.400 €) for the whole gathering time. If you come with company, you benefit from the team conditions above. Register HERE.

Come in a Consulting Role

Consultants external to organizations are often needed to guide and facilitate changes in organizations. Many are now discovering their vocation to serve the reinvention of organization and facilitate processes for self-directed leadership, self-management and related projects redefining the roles of functions like finance or HR. If you mean it, you are welcome here. This is not a place for those who surf the new wave like any other fad before. We seek you for your original contribution. With your consultancy and leadership in practice, you will meet possible clients and partners. You can test some of your possibly still-new approaches and ideas. You may work out new original stuff and find partners you can trust in.

The financial contributions are as above for individual participants (or teams, if you bring your team along). For every other participant (not part of your “team”) you invite from your networks or clients we offer you a bonus of 15% of the registration fees of the people that register through your recommendation. You can mention the names and organizations of the clients you have invited directly in the registration form.

Solo practitioners sometimes struggle with funding. Please contact us and we’ll discuss how your participation and finance can come together. Be aware that the gathering itself might help you change the financials of your project 🙂 REGISTER HERE.

Part-time Participation

If you can’t make it for the full gathering, you are welcome for a shorter stay. We’ll reduce your fees by 15% for every day you stay less than the full five days 16-20 October 2017. Please indicate the exact dates of your stay in the registration form.

The Pre-or Post-Gathering Workshops

During Saturday and Sunday before the main Gathering, you are welcome to meet fellow practitioners and participate in the workshop “Organizations in systemic representations” offered in advance of the main Gathering. The registration fee for the workshop depend on the times you take part (two days, one day or half-day) and are detailed at the page just linked. More workshops are under preparation. Sign up for The Next-Stage World updates and we keep you in the loop!

special conditions for participants of the integral european conference or early start-up enterprises

We have an ongoing partnership with the Integral European Conference, and encourage early start-up enterprises to take part in our Gathering both with special arrangements. Follow the links above for more details.

Once you submit your registration

You can use the same registration form for the two-day pre-conference workshop, the full 5-day Gathering October 16-20, the workshops right after the Gathering, and any part-time participation as described above.
We will email you the confirmation together with an invoice.

You can pay by bank transfer to our account at LGT Bank, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.
account holder: pro action learning ltd
IBAN LI89 0881 0000 0031 9104 2
To save on hefty international banking or paypal fees, we recommend for overseas transfers.

All rates explained are for your participation in the Gathering.

We will also email you a letter of welcome with much information to help your planning. You will be invited to  participate in our dedicated Slack forum and chat with the Gathering hosting team and others who will be attending in Rhodes. So the conference-in-the-hallways begins as soon as you arrive in that forum! We expect many synergies to emerge!